Today’s I want to talk about a recent burst pipe we had in our local area, Doncaster.
We had a call from a customer on a Tuesday evening regarding a crack in his water mains that was spraying water everywhere. We were on the scene early the next morning. Lucky for our customer it was only a burst dual check valve. The dual check valve is a one-way valve that is a form of backflow prevention that is installed in the water meter set up. It prevents water from going back from the property into the mains potable water supply. It’s easy to remove and a common valve that is easily purchased from our supplier. We were able to remove the damaged valve and supply and install a new valve in just over an hour. A very happy customer and another 5-star review for the team!
Burst pipes are unpredictable and can happen to anyone at any place at any time. Variables that may contribute to burst pipes are tree roots wrapping themselves around pipes, high water pressure, age and deterioration of a plumbing product, poor installation, accident or other reasons, the list goes on. All burst pipes are repairable and we highly recommend you to contact us immediately if a burst pipe happens to you. 
If you notice high water bills, unexplainable wet spots in your yard, mystery wet spots or hissing in walls or under the floor you may be a victim of burst pipe!
Can I prevent burst pipes?? If you have high water pressure you may be at risk. Most taps are only rated to 500kpa and water pressure can be as high as 1200kpa to a property. If you arent sure, want to prevent disaster, or just need advice please give your trusted local experts a call today!!
Stay safe legends
September 25, 2021
Burst Pipes Prevention

Burst Pipes? Prevention is the best medicine.

Today’s I want to talk about a recent burst pipe we had in our local area, Doncaster. We had a call […]