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Proud installers of iStore, the recipient of multiple innovation awards

Assured Quality

Benefit from a 5-year comprehensive warranty on all our installations

Dramatic savings

Reduce your hot water heating costs by up to 75% annually

Eco-Friendly Living

Cut down CO2 emissions by up to 4 tonnes every year.

Customised for
Australian Home

iStore systems designed to withstand the unique Australian climate.

How It Works

Hey Legends, Ricky here from Prorec Plumbing. With energy prices going up all over Australia, we’ve all got to think a bit differently about how we use energy, right?

Well, that’s where something like the iStore comes in. It’s pretty neat – instead of relying on the old gas or electric systems for hot water, it uses this clever heat pump tech.

What does that mean for you? Big savings on your energy bills, for starters. And the best part? You’re also doing your bit for the planet by cutting down on carbon emissions. It’s like hitting two birds with one stone – saving cash and going a bit greener at the same time.

Trust me, switching to iStore can be a real game-changer for your home.

Integration with solar​

Maximise your solar investment by converting excess energy into hot water.


Enjoy hot water with a system that's easy to operate and monitor

Professional Service

Our certified technicians ensure a seamless installation process, with minimal disruption to your home.

Trust and Recognition

Our certified technicians ensure a seamless installation process, with minimal disruption to your home.

Customer Testimonials

Join hundreds of satisfied customers who’ve
made the switch to iStore with ProRec Plumbing

Nancy Lu
Nancy Lu
Great service, very friendly. Seb was very good at explaining to me what was going on.
William Cook
William Cook
Very friendly and cost effective service.
Jo Robinson
Jo Robinson
Thanks to Sebb we no longer have a blockage. Such friendly, professional friendly service. We will be calling Sebb for all future plumbing jobs.
Dave Curtis
Dave Curtis
Seb was easy to deal with, turned up quickly, used a camera to find the broken stormwater pipe under the driveway, and later sent out a report so we could send that off to our builder, to resolve the issue. Recommend Seb highly for any of your plumbing needs.
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Ongoing Care

We offer comprehensive maintenance plans to keep your system running at peak efficiency.

Group 61

User Support

Our team will guide you through the iStore's simple interface, ensuring you're confident in managing your hot water.

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Warranty Promise

Rest easy knowing your iStore system is covered by our robust warranty and support program.

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