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Backflow Prevention Melbourne

Prorec Plumbing team has the license, skills, tools, and certifications to inspect and test your device and ensure it complies with the standards. Call us on 0421 411 146 today! 

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Backflow prevention is essential for commercial buildings and homes to protect drinking water supplies. Backflow Testing Compliance Regulations require Owners/Occupiers of a property to ensure that the correct backflow device(s) are installed. It’s mandatory that these devices are inspected and tested every year by an accredited backflow prevention plumber.

So if you’re looking for a certified plumber, call us! At Prorec Plumbing, our technicians are qualified to test, inspect, repair, install and maintain backflow prevention devices. We’ve got expert technicians at affordable rates.

We provide efficient services at upfront prices. Our licensed and insured plumbers can walk you through the options and ensure your backflow prevention devices work smoothly.

What is Backflow Prevention?

Backflow means an unwanted flow of treated or non-potable water substance from any domestic, industrial or institutional piping system into the pure, potable water distribution system. 

Numerous specific conditions may cause backflow; basically, the reverse pressure gradient may be due to a loss of pressure in the supply main called backsiphonage or by the flow from a pressurised system through an unprotected cross connection, which is called backpressure. Thus the term backflow covers both a backsyphonage condition and a back pressure condition.

Prorec Plumbing Solutions in Melbourne offers top-tier backflow testing and maintenance, ensuring the safety of your drinking water supply systems. Our fully licensed team conducts water meter device tests, backflow prevention device installations, and manages water supply systems, plumbing and drainage, and cross connections.

We provide a broad range of emergency plumbing services, from handling blocked drains and burst pipes to general plumbing and gas fitting tasks.

At Prorec, we’re ready to tackle any plumbing issue.

Degrees Of Hazards

The type of backflow device used to prevent backflow from occurring at the point of a cross-connection depends on the kind of substance that may flow into the potable water supply. A pollutant is any substance considered a health hazard if it causes illness or death if ingested.

High Hazard

Any condition, device or practice in connection with the potable water supply system has the potential to cause death.

Medium Hazard

Any condition, device or practice in connection with the potable water supply system has the potential to endanger health.

Low Hazard

Any condition, device or practice in connection with the potable water supply system would constitute a nuisance but not endanger health or cause injury.
Prorec Plumbing has certified backflow prevention plumbers licensed to undertake inspection, testing and repairs of your backflow prevention devices. We will test and certify your device for you and submit the report to you and the local water authority at your convenience!

When you work with the Prorec Plumbing backflow prevention team:


ProRec Plumbing Solutions has the most recent in backflow testing equipment and service a number of devices around Melbourne. Our testing equipment is calibrated every 12 months and kept in great condition, ensuring the most accurate of reporting. 

If you are notified to install a backflow device. Call ProRec Plumbing today on 0421 411 146 today. We will test and certify your device for you and submit the report both to you and the local water authority, all at your convenience!

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Nancy Lu
Great service, very friendly. Seb was very good at explaining to me what was going on.
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William Cook
Very friendly and cost effective service.
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Jo Robinson
Thanks to Sebb we no longer have a blockage. Such friendly, professional friendly service. We will be calling Sebb for all future plumbing jobs.
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Dave Curtis
Seb was easy to deal with, turned up quickly, used a camera to find the broken stormwater pipe under the driveway, and later sent out a report so we could send that off to our builder, to resolve the issue. Recommend Seb highly for any of your plumbing needs.