About Us

A Bit About Us

ProRec Plumbing Solutions are a team of experienced, young, passionate and quality plumbers who have adapted to all modern day forms of plumbing and plumbing problems. With over 10 years in the trade, our hunger to grow as a plumbing team and company is growing by the day. We strongly believe in a plumbing ideology that all plumbers should live by, a so-called un written code. A code that ensures the highest quality of plumbing and customer satisfaction is achieved quickly and efficiently while working effectively together in a team environment. Constantly growing our knowledge in further tertiary courses consistently, it’s no wonder ProRec Plumbing Solutions is a rapidly growing Plumbing entity. We wish to set the standards as far as Plumbing goes in the state of Victoria and why not nationally.

Customer Satisfaction: The satisfaction of our customers is the key to ensuring that ProRec Plumbing Solutions is constantly exceeding amongst so many others in the industry. The ProRec Plumbing team have been trained to not only treat your home and business as their own, but to treat every client with the respect and courtesy everyone deserves. Leaving works sites or jobs exactly as they were when we arrived is key and ensuring that the only thing left behind is a SOLUTION to your plumbing problem in the finest plumbing quality Melbourne has to offer. Don’t put up with your old, unreliable, expensive plumber anymore! Find out the reason why hundreds of Melbournians have made the switch to ProRec Plumbing and have never looked back!!


At ProRec Plumbing , nothing is more satisfying than solving a plumbing problem for our clients and our pride and enthusiasm is reflected by our high quality work. Fully qualified and insured in over 13 areas of the plumbing industry! Whether its that mystery roof leak or weird smelling pipe, whether it’s a gurgling drain or your new home is being built, ProRec Plumbing Solutions is the answer to all your plumbing questions!