Are your drains rooted?

Are your drains rooted? ?

In the last few weeks we have had an increase in the amount of emergency calls we have had regarding burst pipes and from blockages in Stormwater and sewer drains!

Im not sure if it’s weather related and has something to do with the heavy rains and unpredictable weather patterns, however, we have found that root issues are becoming more and more common.

In the last 2 weeks we have had 2 x burst pipes that were caused by roots wrapping themselves around the pipes and strangling them until they burst!

In the last 2 x weeks we have had 4 x jobs that involved roots growing and penetrating the sewer and/or stormwater drains. Both situations caused major blockages and required our urgent attendance to clear with our machine and inspect with our CCTV.

If you think you may have tree roots penetrating your drains or have noticed random puddles or high water bills, call us today

FREE CCTV OF YOUR DRAINS with every sewer blockage or stormwater blockage with machine


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Stay safe legends,

Ricky and the Prorec Team


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