Current Restrictions in Metropolitan Melbourne

The Victorian Government has today announced that the current restrictions in metropolitan Melbourne will remain in place until at least 11:59pm, Thursday 19 August.

This means that for the next seven days, there are still only five reasons to leave home:

  1. Getting the food and the supplies you need
  2. Exercising for up to two hours
  3. Care or caregiving
  4. Authorised work or education if you can’t do it from home
  5. To get vaccinated at the nearest possible location

Extended Melbourne Lockdown To Keep Victorians Safe

Solo Outdoor Services

Solo outdoor services related to building and construction have been added to the Authorised Provider and Authorised Worker list.

Solo outdoor services are permitted where physical distancing can be maintained. This applies to businesses with an ABN providing the following services:

  • Outdoor maintenance, repairs, cleaning and other building work, including at occupied premises.
  • Home renovations and installations (outdoor only)
  • Home solar panel installations (only for outdoor work or in roof cavities with external access).

This means businesses with an ABN can resume an outdoor service in occupied premises when it can be carried out by a single worker and physical distancing from occupants can be maintained at all times.

Cross Border Community Areas

The Victorian Government has also announced that residents of the cross-border community local government areas will now be required to obtain a permit to cross between Victoria and NSW from 6pm, Friday 13 August.

The reasons Cross Border Community Area residents can cross the Victorian-NSW border still include:

  • Necessary goods and services, including medical care
  • Care or other compassionate reasons
  • Work (whether paid or voluntary, including for charitable or religious purposes)
  • Education (including childcare or early childhood services)
  • Receiving a COVID-19 vaccination
  • Organised/community sport and exercise connected to or organised by a club or facility.

Residents will be able to apply for a permit from Thursday afternoon at the Service Victoria website, and via the Service Victoria app.

Vaccinations remain the key path out of continued lockdowns and we should be encouraging every worker who is medically able to be vaccinated to do so as early as possible and complete the second injection as advised.

Master Plumbers will continue its advocacy to government and industry, highlighting and seeking resolution on issues that matter most to our members.

Stay safe.

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