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This week I would like to discuss the failure of flexy hoses in domestic and even commercial applications. Burst flexy hoses contribute to a large quantity of insurance claims each year, approximately 20% and it’s our goal at Prorec Plumbing to prevent these hoses from bursting in your home and business and causing you expensive and unnecessary damage. The average amount of damage that is caused by water in a home, according to recent statistics, is nearly $5000.00! We have more info in our Industry updates and trades section including what to look for ! HOW TO avoid a burst flexy hose in your home AND MUCH MORE, if you wish to read some more info AND AVOID DISASTER, click here (LINK HERE)

Flexy hoses are made from ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM) rubber or PEX and armoured in braided layers of stainless steel, these hoses replaced standard copper pipe installations from wall outlets to taps in kitchens, bathrooms, hot water services and laundries AND EVEN TOILETS.

They have been around for approximately 25 years and are extremely common through most homes and businesses these days. Most flexy hoses have a 10 year warranty, however, the flexy hose failure rate is continuing to rise. We can prevent the failure rate from rising by spreading awareness in our local community for our customers and replacing these flexy hoses before they burst AND completing regular assessments!

This week we explore our new customer Michael’s experience with a burst flexy hose in his own home.

Michael called us on Wednesday 10th of March at about 11am reporting he had a burst flexy hose under his basin in his bathroom downstairs. Michael was luckily working at home at the time, when he heard what sounded like water gushing inside his house from the direction of his downstairs bathroom. Sure enough, as he raced to the bathroom door and ripped it open, he was faced with a large amount of water quickly spilling out from his cupboard and spurting its way out and into the hallway. Michael, noticing it was hot water, did the right thing and raced to his hot water unit and turned the duo valve off (hot water units isolation valve), which isolated the water)

He then googled his local Plumber and with over 100 x 5 star google reviews, Michael’s choice on who to call was easy. He rang Prorec Plumbing immediately. Within a couple hours, we arrived at Michael’s house in Box Hill North to assess the situation. Sure enough, the flexy hoses that connected his basin to the hot and cold water supply both were requiring replacement. Due to the normal basin cabinet items, it was impossible to see the hoses and avoid potential disaster before this day. Unfortunately, the flexy hose that supplied the water to the hot water tap had burst and had begun to flood Michael’s house before he turned it off. If the water wasnt turned off at the time, the extent of damage would have been severe. Catastrophe avoided! Well done Michael!

We disconnected the hoses, which showed definite signs of corrosion and deterioration and replaced them with new flexy hoses with 10 year warrantys* We also recommended to Michael that we install isolation valves under his basin for the flexy hoses to be connected too,that way in an emergency, Michael just has to shut the isolation valves off instead of racing to his water meter or hot water unit.

Additionally, when we shut Michael’s water off, we discovered his water meter’s isolation valve was faulty and not shutting the water off 100%! Michael had no idea of this !! We called the local water authority immediately and lodged a job request to have the water meter’s isolation valve repaired/replaced immediately!! FREE OF CHARGE!! Once again, not being able to shut off your water can be disastrous in an emergency! Needless to say, Michael was an EXTREMELY HAPPY customer !! And of course we were very happy plumbers, knowing we have helped our customer prevent a plumbing disaster!! Plumbing problem repaired and preventive measures now in place! Another Prorec plumbing solution.

Legends, PLEASE get your flexy hoses checked by us at Prorec Plumbing immediately. Lets spread the flexy hose awareness in our community and prevent your home from becoming the next disaster!

Stay safe legends,



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