Prorec Plumbing are Partnering with Change The One


For us, plumbing provides us with new challenges everyday. Every day in the plumbing world is unpredictable and exciting. The high demand for the ability to be able to problem solve and find new solutions on a new day for old problems is taxing but fulfilling. Plumbing is essential and when something goes wrong it requires immediate repairs or replacement. Lucky for us these services are readily available.

However, plumbing services are not readily available all over the world. We have realised this and thanks to our new partner and charity “Changetheone” we are working together to give back to communities that are less fortunate. Changetheone works tirelessly to support the people in communities in papua new guinea, vietnam and through asia and assist by building education resources and supporting teachers and children etc.

What can we do ?

We are excited to announce that $2 from each invoice from Prorec Plumbing Solutions will be going towards Changetheone and helping the kids that need it most.

In April 2023, Peter and hidon’ts team at Changetheone are travelling to Vietnam to start a project to build classrooms and education facilities. They require volunteers to go and lend a hand in the construction.

We have put our hand up to volunteer for this cause and encourage all of you legends to get on board and support the cause. You don’t have to go all the way to Vietnam, but a small donation can go a long way and we encourage everyone to get on board!

For more information and to donate now please visit


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