ProRec Plumbing’s NEW Hygiene Kit

ProRec Plumbing's NEW Hygiene Kit

NEW Hygiene Kit

To our loyal customers,

We understand that everyone’s inboxes are being bombarded with company’s sending their response about the current Covid-19 situation that our community is faced with and the subsequent restrictions that are in place.

A short message of reassurance for our customers.

– Each member of the team has completed the  Covid-19 infection control online training course, designed by the Australian Department of Health

– We have introduced a new policy for day to day works at ProRec Plumbing that all employees and customers must adhere to. For further information please check our website.

– Each plumbing vehicle is fitted with the new PROREC PLUMBING HYGIENE KIT. Each kit is stocked and sanitized at end of each day

– We are having daily discussions and weekly meetings to discuss and update each other about the situation.

– Daily employee and customer health checks 

For our full Covid 19 policy, OUR NEW hygiene standards and photos or descriptions of our hygiene kits, please visit the website


Remember, be safe, be smart and look after each other!


Ricky Recard


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