Stormwater and drainage issues

Over the past few months we have been inundated by customers that are suffering from stormwater issues after rain events. The rain events have become quite intense and unpredictable, leaving old stormwater systems under prepared. Stormwater issues can generally be identified when you see water spilling out the bottom of your downpipes, water pooling in areas of your yard or paved areas, flooding down your driveway, running under your house and really soggy lawn areas. 

Not dealing with these issues will result in damage to your yards and gardens, damage to and undermine your footings of your house causing cracks and weak points, cause rising damp, undermine your driveway and paved areas and cause damage to your house and contents. Recently, our customer Bernie called us in need of a stormwater solution. He had water running under his house, causing rising damp and damaging his belongings as it was a 6ft high storage area that he had set up as an under floor tool shed and storage area. 

We provided CCTV of Bernie’s drains, where we found there was a dislodgment in his drains. Every time it rained water was leaking through this dislodgement and running under is house, flooding the downstairs area and damaging his things and causing rising damp issues. Bernie also had a lack of down pipes to his gutter system and no pits in his paved area. 

We renewed Bernie’s entire stormwater system. We put out all the damaged piping, replacing it with 100mm PVC. We provided new points for pits, which he was going to install when re doing his landscaping. We provided extra points for down pipes and renewed all the way towards his boundary. Bernie hasn’t had a stormwater issue since. 

Happy Bernie and a very happy Prorec Plumbing team as a result. 

If you have unexplained wet areas, stormwater issues or just want a preventative check, please call our team today !!

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