How to Handle & Fix Burst Pipes: Expert Insights and Solutions with Ricky from Prorec Plumbing


In this blog we are going to talk about a prevalent problem in the world of property ownership – burst pipes. First Things First before we proceed, in any situation involving a burst pipe, remember, the first step should always be to turn off your water supply. Usually, you can do it at the water meter. It might require some strength to close it, but it’s a useful measure to contain the emergency while you figure out the next steps. To make things easier, we’ve prepared a video for you below.

What Causes Burst Pipes?

A lot of people often ask me the reason behind burst pipes. Well, like various aspects of plumbing, there isn’t one definitive answer. The cause of burst pipes can be multifaceted; let’s run through some common culprits.

1. Age of Pipes

Older galvanized pipes are highly likely to burst compared to newer ones. So, your pipe’s age can be a significant factor.

2. Pipe Damage

An incorrectly installed or damaged pipe could potentially cause a burst. For instance, a kinked pipe that is pressure-loaded is likely to burst compared to a pipe that isn’t damaged.

3. High Water Pressure

High water pressure can indeed lead to burst pipes. More often than not, home pressure is supposed to be 500 KPA, and a pressure limiter installed on the property’s water meter should regulate this. A property without a pressure limiter faces higher water pressure, which puts additional strain on pipes and fittings.

4. Lack of Space For Expansion

If pipes are routed through concrete without proper lagging, they won’t have sufficient room for expansion when necessary. We often observe burst pipes in cases where new driveways are constructed without providing adequate expansion room around pipes. Unavoidably, grounds shift, buildings move, and regrettably, pipes are subjected to stress and ultimately burst.

While summarising these points, do note that it’s not always straightforward when it comes to burst pipes. However, often the root of the problem traces back to some form of pipe damage compounded by high water pressure.

Can You Fix Burst Pipes Yourself?

While it might be tempting to try and fix a burst pipe yourself, I wouldn’t advise taking up any kind of plumbing repairs without a license. Always reach out to a licensed plumber to handle such issues.

I am Ricky from Prorec Plumbing, and I hope this piece of advice helps you in dealing with burst pipes. Take care and be safe. Remember, call a professional  when things go wrong.

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